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Dolphin Marine Swage and Swage Product Range

"Proudly Australian Made"

Dolphin Marine swages have been used in Australian industry from mining to riggers, yachtsmen, marine chandlers, gymnasium equipment, hospital & therapeutic beds & equipment, architectural rigging such as balaustrading, awnings, pergolas & lighting. Widely used in the commercial fishing industry & for security of valuables in showrooms etc. The possibilities are endless.

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Aluminium Hand Swages

DOLPHIN MARINE can supply ALUMINIUM hand swages 2.4mm up to 6.4mm. for galvanised stranded wire. We also stock a full range of machine press "Hydraulic" machine press ferrules 1.5mm up to 7.0mm for industrial clients.

Copper swages can not be used on GALVANISED wire as the copper will react with the galvanised coating. Aluminium swages are used in this situation. Also used for plastic coated wire where personal protection from wire dags is required, i.e. Public barriers & entry guides in shops, theatres etc.

Galvanised wire is used in many industrial applications as an economical alternative to stainless steel wire, such as fencing, security, industrial lifting, hanging lighting & other fittings in factories & warehouses, displays, signage & industrial machinery etc.

DOLPHIN MARINE alloy hand swages are produced locally from high quality material by our own staff in our Brookvale premises.


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