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Dolphin Marine Swage and Swage Product Range

"Proudly Australian Made"

Dolphin Marine swages have been used in Australian industry from mining to riggers, yachtsmen, marine chandlers, gymnasium equipment, hospital & therapeutic beds & equipment, architectural rigging such as balaustrading, awnings, pergolas & lighting. Widely used in the commercial fishing industry & for security of valuables in showrooms etc. The possibilities are endless.

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Synthetic Rope Swages

Dolphin Hand Copper Swages for Braided Stainless and Galvanized wires, Synthetic Ropes, Cords, Shock Cord, manufactured from 99% pure Copper drawn to shape & annealed. Hand Swages are available in Bright or Nickel plated finish. Dolphin swage tools are made from low carbon high nickel alloy ensuring accuracy and adherence to specifications.Capable of many years of trouble-free hard usage in the field or factory situation.

Synthetic Rope Swage TABLE

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